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            Investigation on the fine exploitation of natural gas in Xinglongtai oil production plant of Liaohe
            Time:2017-04-06    Source:    Views:1855

            The average daily production of more than 80 cubic meters, known as "Blue Gold" of natural gas has been the pride of Xinglongtai oil production plant of Liaohe Oilfield, it is not only a new growth point of economic benefits for the factory, Liaohe Oilfield contributed 70% of the supply of gas products.


            In the Liaohe Oilfield, Xinglongtai oil production plant has abundant natural gas resources and development advantages. In recent years, this plant by vigorously promoting the contribution rate of natural gas production, to increase the effectiveness of the Liaohe Oilfield weight. Last year, the plant accumulated for natural gas 258 million cubic meters, 17 million 300 thousand cubic meters of production.


            There are advantages and obstacles


            In March 21st, Xinglongtai oil production plant oil production wells yushutai Taiwan 34-28 wells take up layer commingled production measures, maintain Nissan 11 thousand cubic meters of industrial gas flowing, measures of stable production for 26 days, the cumulative increase of 257 thousand cubic meters of gas. On the same day, oil production operations in the six District of the station Li Yan opened a long stop casing gas recovery valve to ensure that the natural gas particles into the warehouse". The former is a measure to increase gas, which is the management of solar terms, the two measures complement each other.


            "Xing mining plant in the production of thin oil based, oil wells are not natural gas can not be imagined, only the advantage of your oil production plant will be able to get a better output." An oil technology expert in the teaching of the advantages of the development of the natural gas plant evaluation.


            Singtex dilute oil production factory usually with gas, although the oil dissolved gas yield is not fixed, but far less than the cost of mining heavy oil production. It is understood that the current plant gas, dissolved gas can be taken out of a high degree of up to 90% and 88% of recoverable reserves, but in 2015 no new natural gas reserves, residual gas in the oil distribution is scattered, difficult to implement the overall deployment of Nii, and together with the main gas coefficient as high as 60%, for many years the overload measures to tap the potential of each oil and gas to gas mass rapid development has reached a stage of failure, more and more small interlayer replacement potential.


            Control the decline should be increased


            Because of good quality oil, lower development costs, and ancient Qianshan, once known as "singtex cornucopia", but this "treasure house" of the gas production in recent years the rapid decline, from a peak of Xing ancient Qianshan Nissan 660 thousand cubic meters of gas is reduced to the current 360 thousand cubic meters.


            In order to realize the energy conservation and pressure maintaining of Qianshan reservoir, the gas injection scheme was developed and the non hydrocarbon gas flooding experiment was carried out in the early stage, which effectively slowed down the rate of decline of Qianshan reservoir. Last year, Xing Qi 19 wells and Xing well after the transfer of the layers were obtained more than 20 thousand cubic meters of gas production of high gas flow, Xing Xing geological measures to open source, the classic case of "". 2017, the plant to speed up the ancient Qianshan gas and gas drive preparatory work, is expected to enter the site in October, marking the Qianshan increase energy pressure technology into a new stage.


            At the same time, the factory efforts to do in the old area of natural gas addition". Singtex factory technical personnel on the one hand, the geological structure, oil and gas and water distribution of the new understanding, refinement of the single sand body multi-level comparison, find the top of micro structure analysis, strengthening the "four" relationship, optimization and screening of efficient wells measures. On the other hand, by strengthening the combination of well seismic and micro structure of the potential area, the deployment of high gas to oil ratio drilling to slow down the decline trend of natural gas production.


            Rongxingtun oilfield is the old block development for many years, the implementation of lateral drilling in recent years has become the main means of tapping the potential of natural gas. Rong 201-19C wells in low pressure and low production measures, logging index comparative analysis and comprehensive research, to be adjusted after the perforation layer layer wells, using a 3 mm nozzle flowing production, Nissan 12 thousand cubic meters of gas.


            As of now, the plant of high gas oil ratio well deployment of production 11, the initial increase of 70 thousand cubic meters of gas; high gas oil ratio measures 22, the initial increase of 240 thousand cubic meters of gas; the implementation of lateral drilling 16, daily 15 thousand cubic meters of gas, the cumulative increase of 1 million 850 thousand cubic meters of natural gas phase.


            Speaking strategies and methods


            The "hot stove gas consumption of the total natural gas consumption of 2/3, according to the actual spring warming, from the beginning of April last year, in less than a month's time, the implementation of the wells stop furnace cold transport 180, a total of 5 million 800 thousand cubic meters of solar term. 153 furnace temperature control oil, solar energy can be 700 cubic meters per day." Xing mining plant production and operation of a person in charge said.


            Savings from the daily work of the little things to start, in the minutiae of mining benefits. The factory units by taking control of water jacket furnace temperature, the installation of energy-saving furnace, heating furnace maintenance and other measures on saving solar term, the gas consumption of about 29 thousand cubic meters; by using the high pressure hose with monthly center station, collect long stop wells natural gas 30 thousand cubic meters; more than 80% natural oil production station installed heating valve, on duty room temperature not exceeding 18 degrees Celsius, circulation pump room, power distribution room and other rooms at 10 degrees celsius......


            At the same time do a good job in tapping the potential of oil production, the factory actively looking for a new path in the daily management of the solar cycle, through the transformation and design in the process of increasing gas efficiency played a role in the 42 dial.


            The factory production operation area to optimize well casing pressure control method, which does not affect the production of crude oil into the system, but also consider the overall effect of the control set, the method is applicable to all the 56 wells, the average single well day can be recycled 25 thousand cubic meters of natural gas; oil production areas in the implementation of the "gas consumption system the recovery process of casing gas" has been in operation in the region 19 wells adopt this method, realize the daily recovery of casing gas 4500 cubic meters, annual accumulated close to 850 thousand cubic meters of gas pipe.

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